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Tired of domain sites that provide nothing but the standard domain search box?

Domain Availibility Search - see if a domain is available.
Domain blend Search - useful tool for suggesting / inventing domain names
Keyword Popularity - discover popular related search words for use in creating your name.
Free Sub.Domain Search - Free subdomains (ie. yourname.2ya.com) at our site ShortURL.com.
Domain Drop Report - Browse / search recently expired valuable domains up for grabs!

Domain Availibility & Registration
To check if a domain is available to be registered or already taken, use the search box below. Enter your desired name, such as "eclipsedesigns" or "peterwilson" and then choose a TLD such as ".com". Lowercase and uppercase are treated the same and you may use hyphens such as "hit-music".

Search for the perfect domain.
www. .

Domain Blend Suggestions

Trouble thinking of a good name or is your name already taken? Enter a word below and choose a category, Domain Blend will blend names for you to consider!

Word Category Hypens?  

Keyword Name Suggestions
The following search term suggestion tool is provided by Overture™. Overture™ operates a pay per click search placement service of which the listings are included in many major search engines. Their tool claims to show the number of searches a particular term received in the previous month across their network. This data can be quite informative, but we make no guarantee as to the accuracy of these results.

Cick Here to Launch - Term Suggestion Tool

It can be useful in finding word suggestions or comparing the popularity of similar words when trying to choose a domain name. For example: If you were creating a website pertaining to open water kayaking, you would find that "sea kayak" received 36,866 searches and "ocean kayak" received 8,880 searches. If you were trying to decide between getting OceanKayakStore.com and SeaKayakStore.com then the latter may be the wiser choice. If you were interested in other suggestions then by entering "kayak" you find the results for the top searches with that term. "kayak equipment" received 14,892 and "kayak gear" 6,044 for example. A smart domain name might be kayakequipment.com and/or seakayakequipment.com.

It can be beneficial to purchase multiple domain names related to your product or service. Domain names with popular keywords will; help you get listed higher in search engines for those terms, be memorable, secure those names from your competitors, and may get you free type-in traffic (ie. someone decides to type-in kayakequipment.com to see what's there).

Note: It can be tempting to purchase domains that contain brand names. In the kayaking example, you would find that the keywords "perception kayak" received a large volume of searches. Perception Kayaks is a trademarked brand name and purchasing perception-kayaks.com would subject you to a trademark dispute if the company felt you were infringing upon their trademark rights. In such a case, you would most likely be forced to transfer a domain name to the company. Any domains containing trademarks are registered at your own risk.

FREE subdomain names
Our sister site, ShortURL.com offers free subdomains allowing you to register yourname.2Ya.com and URL forward it to your existing website address. You can also choose from other names such as yourname.filetap.com, yourname.shorturl.com and more. The service is not nearly as comprehensive as you get when you buy your own domain name. The benefits of your own domain name far outweigh the cost, however if you want a free starter solution shorturl.com is ideal. Search for your prefered subdomain name below:

Create yourname.ShortURL.com
http:// .

Domain Drop Report
The Drop Report is an expired domain name search tool that lets you view domains that have just or recently expired and been released to the public. There are some fantastic and highly valuable names that expire and we provide you a searchable list updated daily with the latest list of expired domains. Click below to access the Drop Report.


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